Jon Holzapfel

Jon Holzapfel

As Bonterra’s Grower Relations Manager, Jon takes a balanced and focused approach when it comes to working with new vineyards. “I like to look at things holistically, and evaluate the potential of each site based on its natural resources and the inputs of the team supporting it,” said Jon.

Because Jon knows the foundation of every great wine begins in the vineyard, he draws on his broad knowledge of critical plant health issues such as pest and disease management to provide actionable insights to growers, helping them to deliver consistently excellent grapes. Specialized in nutrient requirements for quality organic wine grapes, Jon also acts as an organic crop ambassador, assisting our incredible Farm Partners  through the process of conversion to organic certification of their vineyards.

Originally from northern Sonoma County, Jon enjoys being active in his spare time, adventuring out of doors for snowboarding, mountain biking, surfing, backpacking and just about any other activity bringing him closer to nature.

Q) If you weren’t in the wine/agricultural industry, what would be your dream job?

JH: I’d be a professional snowboarder (or some profession in the ski / snowboard industry) so I could travel the world, snowboard, and meet interesting people while paying the bills.

Q) Do you have any hidden talents?

JH: One of my greatest passions is identifying, collecting, and consuming wild mushrooms.


Bob Blue

Lead Winemaker

Bob is a pioneer in the organic wine arena and Bonterra’s founding winemaker, with deep roots in Mendocino’s vineyards.

Beyond Bonterra, Bob is also a passionate table tennis player. So passionate, in fact, that he has a table tennis robot that has trained him to play ambidextrously!

Jeff Cichocki


Jeff joined the Bonterra team in 2007 and has been an incredible – and ongoing – wealth of knowledge and inspiration for our group.

Beyond Bonterra, Jeff’s three desert island songs are High and Dry – Radiohead, Simple Song – Shins, and Do You Realize? – Flaming Lips (all enjoyed with a cold beer, of course).

Sebastian Donoso

A passion for organic and sustainable practices infuses every aspect of Sebastian Donoso’s work as a winemaker for Bonterra Organic Vineyards.

Matt Tollini

Organic Vineyard Manager

Matt is a lifelong resident of Mendocino County and grew up in the family business, Tollini Vineyards of Redwood Valley.

Beyond Bonterra, Matt’s signature dish is his famous spaghetti which he enjoys preparing with a refreshing beer in hand!


Joseph Brinkley

Joseph is really passionate about farming and he truly believes in Biodynamic. “I’m enjoying learning the details of farming land, including best practices for compost and soil management—and gaining insight to anything that contributed to the overall health of the farm,”

Our Farm Partners

Organic farming requires passion and dedication. Our farm partners set incredibly high standards for their organic practices, resulting in the highest quality grapes, full of expression.

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