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Spring Greening

  • Spring Greening
  • Forcing Spring Blooms From Branches

    In this short from McNab Ranch, Bonterra's Selina Luiz shows me how to force branches into beautiful blossoms for gorgeous arrangements inside ... even if spring hasn't bloomed yet outside.

  • 30 Second Centerpieces for Spring

    Last winter, Bonterra's Selina Luiz taught me how to make centerpieces out of sticks. Now that it's spring, we're turning to flowers. Check out Selina's three tips to turn blooms like daffodils, jonquils and tulips into gorgeous centerpieces for your table.

  • Spring Greening Playlist

    May we suggest a nice Jimmy Cliff to go with our Chardonnay? Maybe some Black Eyed Peas to pair with Bonterra Zinfandel? Welcome to our Spring Greening playlist, an eclectic variety of tunes designed to celebrate the sunny days ahead.

  • Five Ways to Green Your Home

    It doesn't take much to move the needle when it comes to living a little bit greener. Make these simple shifts in your home and know that you've shrunk your carbon footprint a size or two.

  • 8 Ways to Use an Egg

    If you thought eggs were just for the frying pan, get ready. Shiny locks? Check. Glowing complexion? Check. Keeping slugs away from your lettuce? Check. Check out this info graphic too… you won't believe all the nifty things eggs can do.

  • What to Plant and When

    It can be tough to know what's really in season when the same produce is available year-round at the supermarket. But we've got you covered. Our at-a-glance guide tells you what's ripe for the picking and, if you're starting a garden of your own, what to get in the ground and how.

  • Go-To Vinaigrette

    People are often shocked when they see how easy it is to make homemade vinaigrette.

  • Brunch-Worthy Baked Eggs in Proscuitto Cups with Wild Mushrooms

    I’ve always admired eggs that were tucked pristinely into their own little tasty container; little did I know how easy they were to make. These get an extra punch of flavor from a bed of sautéed wild mushrooms that also serves to bridge the gap between red and white. They go equally well with a glass of Pinot Noir or Chardonnay.

  • Sauteed Sugar Snaps and Cashews

    The meaty cashews and Chinese-leaning sauce, enriched by just a tad of butter, make this dish substantial enough to be a meal in itself. Enjoy with the Bonterra Viognier or Sauvignon Blanc.

  • Flash-Roasted Asparagus with Springtime Gribiche

    This dish hearkens back to when brunches were an affair to be celebrated, but it would make an elegant start to a dinner party too. There’s an ample amount of acidity between the vinegar, mustard, capers and pickles, which the Sauvignon Blanc stand up to superbly.