Certified for Purity

Going beyond clean is about trust—and transparency and certifications go hand in hand

Third-party certifications from trusted organizations are baselines that certify our clean practices and hold us accountable for purity and sustainable quality, from the start. Our certifications cover everything from vine to glass, letting you know that we’ve left no stone unturned to deliver a wine that’s clean both inside and outside the glass.

Starting with the big picture, Bonterra is Climate Neutral® Certified, which means that every glass of Bonterra carries a positive climate footprint. We achieved this by measuring all of the carbon we emit in running our business, from grape growing and winemaking to transportation and delivery to stores, then offset 100% of it through investments in earth-regenerative projects. Then we went further, investing in more offsets than were required to reach neutrality, ensuring that every glass of our wine actually helps regenerate our world.

When it comes to the grapes, our estate vineyards are double-certified organic and sustainable, with certifications coming from California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF), and California Certified Sustainable Winegrowers (CCSW), respectively. As well, nearly half of our estate vineyards carry Biodynamic® certification from Demeter USA. Beyond our ranches, we only source from trusted grower partners whose vines carry CCOF certification.

At the winery level, ours is dual-certified organic (CCOF) and sustainable (CCSW), and as a Certified B Corporation, our parent company is part of the growing movement of global businesses that balance purpose and profit. B Corps are verifiably certified for meeting some of the highest global standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability in business. B Corps are known for better-for-workers, better-for-communities and better-for-environment practices, so you can truly believe in our commitments to responsible business.

And when it comes to the wine itself, our lab regularly verifies the quality of our wines, all of which are filtered before leaving the winery to confirm the likes of organic yeasts and fining agents are no longer present in the wine. We follow country-specific requirements when testing our wines for mold and mycotoxins, and keep close tabs on all of this through rigorous quality standard records. Because we never compromise on quality, our packaging clearly specifies that we add small amounts of sulfites to ensure trusted quality and shelf-life in every bottle of Bonterra.

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