Closed-Loop Farming

Inspired by the potential of our land and vines.

The System

A closed-loop system is one that aims to be self-sufficient, intentionally re-using resources so that production is circular and self-sustaining—a model in line with our goals for climate resiliency. Organic farming aims for this kind of regenerative self-sufficiency in nature, and we work with some of California’s best certified-organic farm partners in growing grapes for our wines.

We practice Biodynamic farming on five of our home ranches, a practice that considers the farm itself as a living organism that is self-contained and self-sustaining, and that amplifies the benefits of nature’s seasons and cycles. It is an elevated means of regenerative farming that introduces natural and reciprocal on-farm solutions such as compost and animal grazing. We’ve enjoyed the soil and ecosystem benefits of these practices so much that we now apply compost and graze animals on all of our estate vineyards.


Relying on the interaction of people, animals and plants to provide co-benefits to the farm, Biodynamic farming improves the vitality of our farms and the quality of the land and environment. It is truly a hands-on, beneficial approach that ensures we remain interconnected and ultimately inspired by the potential of our land and vines.

Since the release of our first wine in 1992, we’ve been leading the way for cleaner, safer and more sustainable winegrowing in California.

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