Supply Chain Responsibility

We are passionate about the purity that comes from organically grown fruit, which is why we are working to expand the supply chain of organic grapes grown in California. What initially began as an exploration of how organic farming could bring enhanced vitality to vineyards and wine has in recent years evolved into a deeper project, with the aim to understand how organic, regenerative winegrowing can produce resilient, biodiverse landscapes and positive climate impacts. Through our organic conversion program, we partner with grape growers throughout California, offering best practices and support to help them transition to organic farming. To complete the transition, recognized third parties certify these farmers using systematic assessments of organic farming practices.

These efforts build a collaborative network of regenerative and responsible California farms, help grow regenerative organic vineyard acreage in the state, and crucially reduce the amount of pesticides used overall; in 2019 alone, an estimated 2,310 lbs. (1,048 kg) of pesticides and 1,344 lbs. (610 kg) of glyphosate were avoided in vineyards we helped convert to organic certification. We also lead by example: already farming 1,000 acres organically, we recently converted two additional organic ranches to Biodynamic certification, bringing our total Biodynamic acreage to 419 acres. Why? Our soil research indicates that Biodynamic viticulture stores 12.8% more soil organic carbon (SOC) per acre than conventional acreage; organic farming stores 9.4% more SOC than conventional farming.

Beyond certification requirements, we are developing a supplier code of conduct that will ensure our suppliers meet the same rigorous standards we do, not only for farming but also in the way they treat employees and give back to their communities.

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