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Natural Cookie Dyes

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Time for holiday cookie decorating, that is. Ornamenting (and eating) sugar cookies with family and friends is something we can truly get behind. With so many vibrant colors occurring naturally in the food…

Spins on Lasagna

‘Tis the season for warming, comforting recipes. So, when temperatures drop, we turn up our ovens and head to the supermarket for ingredients to make one of our favorite fall staples–the versatile and always delicious, lasagna. A choose-your-own adventure of…

New Bonterra Cans

This month, we’re celebrating a new look and feel, and adding countless ways to enjoy Bonterra Rosé, Sauvignon Blanc, and Young Red. Smaller, lighter, and infinitely recyclable, 250mL can four-packs are the newest addition to the Bonterra family and make…

Bonterra Rosé

Gone are the days of relegating Rosé to summer months and warm-weather, patio-drinking. Crafted from grapes organically grown in Mendocino County, Bonterra’s Rosé is here and it’s here to stay. Created using a variety of methods and grapes, Rosé lends…

Oysters 6 ways and Bonterra's Sauvignon Blanc

Not many things pair better with a plate of raw oysters than our beautifully crisp Sauvignon Blanc. Bring out the superb brightness of ripe citrus peel and mineral notes with our 6 recipes for dressing your favorite seafood, using fresh,…

Roasted Harvest Salad

Incorporate your organic harvest in a meal full of flavor (and antioxidants) with our Roasted Harvest Salad, made with ripe vegetables and fresh greens. For a special treat, we love pairing alongside our Equinox Red.

Watermelon Salad paired with 2017 Rosé

Looking for the perfect complement to our 2017 Rosé? Try this tasty summer salad, made with sweet seasonal fruit and topped with feta and fresh mint. We love enjoying this recipe during the last few weeks of summer as an…

Simple Verlasso Salmon Tartar on Kettle Chips

This salmon  tartar  is  a  beautiful  and  simple  way  to  serve  your  favorite  salmon.  Be  sure  to  freeze  the  salmon  filet,  tightly  wrapped  in  plastic  wrap  for  at  least  8  hours.  Thaw slightly and chop while firm!  We  love  serving …

Dijon-Herb Crusted Salmon

This simple but elegant salmon entrée comes to us from Jane at Adventures in Food & Wine. Not only is it excellent for a busy weeknight or as the star at your next dinner party. This dish pairs favorably with our…

Bonterra Cabernet Braised Beef with a Mascarpone Polenta

This cozy recipe comes from Alexandra at A Taste of Well Being. Slow cooking the beef yields melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness. The recipe calls for 2 cups of Bonterra Cabernet – so plenty left over for you and your dining companions to…

Cranberry Mocktails

It’s no secret that we love wine, but in the pursuit of balance, we also love a refreshing mocktail to keep things exciting in the beverage world! We asked Jeran at Oleander + Palm to come up with a bright…

Warm Spices

Warm spices—like cumin, coriander, and cinnamon—have a lovely warming effect on the whole being. They’re also terrific for healthy digestion.

La Tortilla Factory's Grilled Halibut Fish Tacos

We love all things La Tortilla Factory, but especially their organic, non-GMO tortillas. This delicious end-of-summer recipe takes the fish taco to new heights with grilled halibut, crema Mexicana and classic cilantro. Our aromatic Bonterra Viognier strikes the perfect balance…

Zucchini Salad with Lemon, Toasted Hazelnuts and Parmesan Cheese

Whether your garden is overflowing with home-grown zucchini or you have a basket full from the weekend farmer’s market, this fresh and flavorful salad is both light enough as a side dish and hearty enough for a meal.

Peach Basil Wine Popsicles

These stone fruit popsicles are a bit reminiscent of a white wine sangria—a bit tart, a little sweet, and full of fresh peach flavor.

Spring Inspired Pizza

Skip the supreme pizza and opt for this lighter version of everyone’s favorite food—featuring microgreens, asparagus and peas! Recipe adapted from Half Baked Harvest

Fava Beans

How to choose, use and pair fava beans.

Spring Onion

How to choose, use and pair spring onions.

Pea Shoots

How to choose, use and pair pea shoots.


How to choose, use and pair frisee.

Celery Root

How to choose, use and pair celery root.

Baby Turnips

How to choose, use and pair baby turnips.

Dana's Salmon with Fennel Onion Glaze

Dana DiRicco-Benjamin is one of our organic farmers. She grows Sauvignon Blanc grapes in Upper Lake, located in beautiful Northern California. We asked her what her favorite food to pair with Bonterra Sauvignon Blanc was and she shared this recipe. Enjoy!

Simple Herb and Cheese Omelet

This omelet is classic French fare at its best. Simple, rustic and packing more flavor than you’d think possible from so few ingredients.

Cabernet Hot Cocoa

Tis the season for a mug of Hot Cocoa next to a cozy fire! Perfect for sipping or gifting.

Farmer's Market items

Fall may be the time when trees shed their leaves, but greens are still aplenty in gardens and farmers markets. This season, experiment with these seven greens for delectable and healthy salads, sides and center of the plate fare.

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