Fava Beans


Choose medium size fava pods that are firm, and that you can clearly feel the beans within. Pass on pods that are slightly withered or papery, too large, or where the beans feel oversized and press up against one another in the pod (the beans will be mealy).


Larger fava beans need to be double peeled. First, remove the beans from the pod like you would peas. Then blanche those beans for 5 seconds in boiling water, drain and, when cool enough, pinch off the outer skin. Then toss the tender favas in a salad, with pasta, or puree with Parmesan and garlic to spread on crostini. Younger, smaller fava pods can be tossed with olive oil salt and pepper and grilled whole. If they’re super young, you can even eat the pod itself–like a green bean–or slip out the beans and eat them one by one.


The natural richness of the fava beans pairs well with the palate cleansing acidity of our Bonterra Sauvignon Blanc.


Categories: Food & Wine | Home & Garden
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