Natural Imprint Patterns

Fall is the perfect time for crafting indoors. That’s why we’re pouring a glass of Bonterra Chardonnay and creating these beautiful imprint patterns inspired by the natural world.  

Landscapes change with the seasons, bringing new forms and colors to the forefront.  So, to capture our favorite fall scenes, we’re eagerly collecting leaves, flowers, and grasses to use in our own DIY printing projects.

Bonterra Chardonnay and DIY natural imprint patterns

Follow these simple steps to create your own imprint patterns and celebrate fall.


  • Organic cotton or linen fabric or garments (pre-washed)
  • Natural or non-toxic fabric paint
  • Paint brush or foam roller
  • Containers or shallow dishes for paint
  • Newspaper or plastic drop sheeting


  • Gather your favorite fall flora and be sure to remove any dirt or dust 
  • Protect your work surface with newspaper or plastic sheeting before you begin 
  • Lay down your fabric or garments and smooth any creases to create a flat printing surface
  • Apply paint one side of your chosen “stamp” (leaf, flower, etc.) and firmly press the painted side onto your fabric
  • Be sure to apply firm pressure across the entire surface of your “stamp” to create a clear, defined image
  • Remove your “stamp” from the fabric and repeat as desired
  • Let fabric dry and follow any instructions for heat-setting your paint
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