Winemaking Transparency

At Bonterra, we never want you to second-guess what’s in your glass. Consciously crafted exclusively with certified organic grapes, our wines include select naturally derived ingredients to ensure they meet our uncompromising standards for purity and quality from the winery to you.


The best part? In saying no to all unnecessary, unwanted or non-organic ingredients, we’re able to elevate the purity and character of every vineyard and varietal—rather than cover them up. Because why settle for anything but purity you can taste?

  • Organic Grapes
    The starting point for all of our wines? Organic grapes. We meet and often exceed the USDA’s rigorous winemaking standards for its National Organic Program, and our organic grapes are always grown free from GMOs, harmful synthetic pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. Both our grapes and winery are certified by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF).

    Whenever possible at Bonterra we make muté, concentrated sweet juice from our own organic grapes, to use in tiny amounts to complement the structure and ensure balance in all of our wines. When our muté reserves run low, we use purchased organic grape juice concentrate, which is free from artificial flavorings and colorings, and similarly enhances balance in our wines.
  • Yeast & Yeast Nutrients
    Winemaking’s power couple. Essential to fermentation, yeast is used in
    crafting all of our wines, and we are careful only to use yeast certified for organic winemaking, as well as naturally occurring yeast indigenous to the vineyards, which brings additional character and flavor to the wines. Yeast nutrients are naturally occurring and help ensure fermentation runs smoothly.
  • Sulfites
    Created naturally during fermentation and also added in small amounts during winemaking, sulfites help ensure our wines are shelf-stable and always taste great. Though wines made with organic grapes are permitted up to 100 parts per million of sulfites—less than one-third the amount allowed in conventional wines—our wines often include less than 100 ppm.
  • Cream of Tartar
    An ingredient that naturally develops during winemaking, cream of tartar is used to enhance cold-stabilization for our whites and rosé to ensure no particulates remain in the wines.
  • Tartaric Acid
    With the goal to deliver pure, delicious wines that offer freshness in balance with flavor, we add back a bit of this naturally occurring acid to all of our wines. The primary natural acid found in wine grapes, tartaric acid is freshness’s best friend and declines during winemaking, so small additions help ensure our wines taste great on release and in your glass.
  • Egg Whites
    All of our wines are vegetarian and made exclusively with organic-approved fining methods. For our reds, we use trace amounts of egg whites to fine the wines in a traditional winemaking practice that naturally removes particulate matter, then we precipitate any residue from this natural source out of our wines before bottling.
  • Bentonite Clay
    All of our wines are vegetarian, and our whites and rosé are vegan-friendly, too. To fine our delicate whites and rosé, we use a super fine clay that naturally stabilizes the wine by gently binding to proteins prior to being filtered away. The result is beautiful clarity and purity of flavor, achieved naturally.
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