Natural Partners

Organic farming poses natural challenges which require natural solutions. Our animal “partners” offer fantastic solutions for farming issues like pests and the need for added fertility. Instead of spraying our vines with chemicals to ward off pests, sheep and chickens roam through our vineyards munching on insects and trimming the weeds.


We work with Sola Bee Farms to bring bee hives into the vineyards, providing chemical-free sanctuaries for bees. We encourage a healthy habitat for bees with our native plants which bloom throughout the seasons.


When released in the vineyards, chickens eat weeds and insects that can harm the vines. Their scratching and pecking naturally aerates the soil, which ultimately provides additional nutrients to the vines.


December through March, around 2,000 sheep visit the vineyards. The roaming sheep snack on the cover crops and weeds from one vineyard to the next. They thrive on the rich organic greens as they “landscape” the vineyards, adding beneficial fertilizer to the soil as they graze.

Soil Health

One of the greatest and most important assets in our vineyards is the soil. At Bonterra, we often say, “Soil is Everything.”

Cover Crops

We plant a variety of cover crops down the rows between the vines to naturally add nitrogen, control the vigor and keep the soil loose and moist.

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