Soil Health

One of the greatest and most important assets in our vineyards is the soil. At Bonterra, we often say, “Soil is Everything.” If the soil is not healthy and diverse with nutrients, other systems struggle and the resulting fruit from the vines is affected. There are many things we do to ensure our soil is as healthy as possible.


Chickens and sheep are frequent guests in our vineyards and their movement through the rows of vines helps aerate the soil and deposit increased fertility.


The benefits of composting are truly impressive, and we credit our organic compost piles (made from grape skins, stems, greenery and more) with increasing and maintaining soil health throughout the year.


Sowing cover crops between rows has been a practice in our vineyards for many years, and one which consistently proves to benefit the soil and vines. Weed suppression, nitrogen fixation, improved soil structure and attracting beneficial insects into the vineyards are all benefits reaped from the cover crops.

Natural Partners

Instead of spraying our vines with chemicals to ward off pests, our animal “partners” offer fantastic solutions for the natural challenges posed by organic farming.

Cover Crops

We plant a variety of cover crops down the rows between the vines to naturally add nitrogen, control the vigor and keep the soil loose and moist.

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