Purity You Can Taste

Just what is purity you can trust? It boils down to Bonterra’s verified better-for-the-planet practices—on the farm, in the winery and every step along the way—that you can feel good about.

  • 100% organic grapes

  • Winery certified by CCOF

  • Non-GMO

  • Low-sulfite

  • Vegan-Friendly (whites and Rosé)

We start by growing our fruit in certified-organic vineyards, so our grapes are verifiably grown without the use of harmful synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. A constellation of climate-smart farming practices further enhances our vineyards, bolsters soil health and vitality, and ultimately leads to pure and flavorful fruit. These practices include applying compost, planting cover crops, limiting tillage, and animal grazing for natural weed control and soil fertility enhancement. We conserve nearly 50% of our land in its natural state and cultivate spaces that enhance insect and wildlife throughout our vineyards. These aren’t just bucolic places teeming with life: they’re the essential starting point for fruit with purity you can taste.

In our winery—certified to California Certified Organic Farmers’ Made with Organic Grapes standards—we have an overall low-intervention approach to winemaking that allows the purity of our organic fruit to really shine. This means using just one-third or less the permitted amount of sulfites allowed in conventional wines (sulfites are natural preservatives that help ensure the wines’ quality), and being vegan-friendly at every opportunity. Our grapes are never grown with GMOs, and many of our packaging materials are recycled. (Because we care so much about what we put in the environment as our bodies.)

Sustainable, from soil to sip.

Our estate vineyards are all dual-certified organic and sustainable, with certifications coming from CCOF and California Certified Sustainable Winegrowers (CCSW), respectively. This dual certification is mirrored in our winery, which also carries CCSW certification. Both credentials involve third-party audits, with CCSW assessing over 100 winery practices relating to the natural environment, quality of grapes and wine, and social responsibility to employees and communities. This combination affirms our total commitment to doing what’s right in the vineyard, in our winery, among our communities, and for each of you.

Looking for proof? Look to the label.

Our wines readily identify responsible practices with designations found on our packaging like “Made with Organic Grapes,” Organic CCOF Certified, and Demeter Certified Biodynamic®. These certifications mean that an outside governing board is certifying our practices and holding us accountable for purity and sustainable quality. So, when in search of something altogether better, be sure to seek out these indications on labels, to be sure you’re picking up a verifiably purer pour.


Purity You Can Taste

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