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The Delicious Taste of Saving the Planet

Pencil shavings. Crushed rock. Horse saddle. Tasting notes can range from simple to bizarre. At Bonterra, we’ve discovered a brand new note: the delicious taste of saving the planet.

We’ve been farming organically since 1987 (way before it was cool). Along the way, we’ve found that organic farming builds better quality in our grapes and wine—and that the planet benefits, too.

So whether dining at your bucket-list restaurant or folding laundry on a Tuesday, there’s one easy way to describe our wines: it’s the delicious taste of saving the planet.


Taste the Difference of Organic Farming

Over three decades of experience have taught us that organic farming is good for the planet and good for the wine. At Bonterra, we farm without harmful synthetic pesticides, encourage biodiversity and build healthy soil.

Keep scrolling to learn how we cultivate the delicious taste of saving the planet in our award-winning wines.

Good for the Planet, Good for the Wine

The taste of saving the planet starts in the vineyard.

Cover crops improve soil health and increase biodiversity. Who can argue with more butterflies and flowers? Adorable sheep snack on these cover crops – more biodiversity, healthier soil. Soil is actually super important to slowing climate change.

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Saving the Planet, One Sip at a Time

Saving the Planet, One Sip at a Time

The taste of saving the planet is grounded in organic farming, but there’s more to it than that. Our winery is certified Zero Waste and CarbonNeutral®, our energy is 100% green and we source recycled materials for packaging and shipping our wines. We can all toast to that.


What's in it for you?

…Apart from Saving the Planet

Our organic credentials don’t stop when the grapes leave the vineyard. Our facility and winemaking practices are certified by CCOF’s Made with Organic Grapes standards. Vegan-friendly white and Rose wines, lower sulfites than conventional wines, Non-GMO…and the list goes on. Not to mention over 20 ratings over 90 points by Wine Enthusiast and other publications.

Purity you can taste

The Award-Winning Taste of Saving the Planet

Bonterra is committed to crafting wine to save the planet. And the best part is: it tastes delicious. As the first organic winery to be named the American Winery of the Year by Wine Enthusiast (2016) we’re helping put organic on the map so everyone can taste the difference.

The award-winning taste of saving the planet

Happy National Farmers Day to our very own regenerative organic champion Joseph Brinkley 🌱

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From the vineyards we plant to the workers who harvest, we care about every aspect of our winemaking process being equitable and thoughtful.

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Inspired by these sweet moments from @readtealeaves. Wine glass in hand. Pasta boiling. Kids playing. Spring at our door. Does it get any better?

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Did your mouth just water? Ours did. Share your go-to wine night spread in the comments below.

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