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Sauvignon Blanc Wine Bottle with Aroma Therapy Bottles

With three simple ingredients and an infinite number of scent combinations, it’s almost too easy to customize your own, natural aromatherapy routine. To unwind after a long day, refresh the linen closet, or revitalize the living room without cloying chemicals…

Bonterra wine next lavender on a marble table

We’re a little obsessive about all aspects of our organic and Biodynamic® grape growing and winemaking processes so it’s only natural that we’re also obsessed with natural dyes. Compared to synthetic or commercial dyeing methods, which produce harmful waste and…

Bonterra Equinox Red wine and Crystals

Adhering to organic and Biodynamic® winemaking practices, we thrive at the intersection of nature and industry. Our three certified Biodynamic® ranches, governed by the planet’s natural cycles and systems, embody a holistic view of agriculture. In short, we’re dedicated to…

Bonterra Honey

With cooler weather comes cold and flu season. So, when winter colds keep us down, we turn to a time-tested, natural remedy for help: honey. Plus, honey has more in common with wine than you might think, which is why…

Essential Oils

At the foundation of our brand, and organic and Biodynamic® efforts, is an unparalleled respect for the environment and its wellbeing. This same attitude and holistic approach to wellness should be reflected in your self-care routine, whether you’ve established one…

Bonterra Sauvignon Blanc wine

Choosing organically farmed wines from Bonterra is a no-brainer and, luckily, so is adopting greener, cleaner living practices around your home.  If you’re like us, you’ll welcome the addition of house plants to your living space because, well, their contributions…

Bonterra Pinot Noir

Whether you are an avid gardener or a beginner seeking new ways to shrink your environmental footprint and integrate more sustainable practices into your life, seed saving is a snap. A time-tested, economical method for preserving and selecting the best…

Homemade Compost and Bonterra Wine

Get organic this October by learning to make your own compost! Help your garden thrive with our tips and tricks for turning common materials into fuel for your vegetables and flowers. Advice for Beginners Keep in mind that your compost…

Organic herbs and Bonterra Chardonnay

While some insects are considered pests, did you know that many species can actually play an integral role in keeping your garden healthy? Help your plants flourish with these organic farming tips for attracting the right visitors. Bees These pollinators…

Dr. Bronner’s cleaning products

It’s no secret that we love all things green at Bonterra. When it comes to cleaning, it can be tricky to be as environmentally responsible as we’d like (so many chemicals!). As we look to spring (and really, all year-round)…

Organizational planner and a pair of glasses

At Bonterra, we always strive for balance. Balance in the vineyards, in the wines and (as often as possible) in life! After 30 years of organic farming, we’ve come to grasp an understanding of the first two…but the latter is…

Fava Beans

How to choose, use and pair fava beans.

Spring Onion

How to choose, use and pair spring onions.

Pea Shoots

How to choose, use and pair pea shoots.


How to choose, use and pair frisee.

Celery Root

How to choose, use and pair celery root.

Baby Turnips

How to choose, use and pair baby turnips.

Homegrown herbs in a window sill

It can be tough to know what's really in season when the same produce is available year-round at the supermarket. But we've got you covered. Our at-a-glance guide tells you what's ripe for the picking and, if you're starting a garden of your own, what to get in the ground and how.

Bonterra soil

Whole books have been written about composting. But overwhelm is the biggest deterrent to starting something new, so we’ve simplified composting to this simple flowchart.

Upcycling materials

What better way to get into the spirit of Earth Day than to make something totally new with a piece of junk you've had lying around! Here are our 10 favorite DIY upcycling projects on the web.

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