Biodynamic Wine Calendar for Lunar Planting | Bonterra Wine

Lunar Phases

We consult various Biodynamic® calendars which recommend dates for sowing, cultivation and harvesting based on the movements of the moon and planets. The complexities of these movements are simplified in the calendars by recommending farm practices throughout the rhythms.

Biodynamic calendars associate each day with Earth, Fire, Air and Water symbols, which ultimately provide guidance for farming. The days are noted as Root, Flower, Leaf and Fruit. For example, Fruit Days are recommended for harvesting grapes whereas Root Days may be ideal for pruning.

This method of assigning elements to days is also used in the Old Farmer’s Almanac – which has been used actively since 1792!

What Phase Is The Moon In Now?


There are nine Demeter certification required biodynamic preparations made from herbs, minerals and manures applied to our soil and vineyards to benefit the soil fertility with increased microorganism development and photosynthetic activity.

Natural Partners

Life in all forms is a cornerstone for the Biodynamic approach. Sheep, chickens, birds and hundreds of insect species bring dynamic diversity to our ranches with countless benefits, assisting in our effort to be self-sufficient.

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