We know responsible winegrowing can help contribute to real change, and it starts with making meaningful commitments. We’ve learned to do more with less, logging industry-leading reductions in water, energy use and emissions in our most recent sustainability reporting period (2017-2018). Here’s more on how we keep our sustainability commitments:

TRUE Zero Waste

We’ve been working to reduce our waste since way back in 1990, and today hold TRUE zero-waste certification. This means we have a verified track record of results in our commitment to leaving no waste behind. We do this by recycling just about everything and composting all of our winery waste—including grape skins, stems and seeds—and reintroducing these materials onto our farms as compost.



A CarbonNeutral® winery, we’ve adopting pioneering practices to lower our greenhouse gas emissions, like treating our winery process water with worms and microbes, and using 100% green energy. Because trash and the transportation of waste also cause emissions, being zero waste helps, too. We take responsibility for our unavoidable emissions by purchasing offsetting carbon credits from third-party-verified sources, such as reforestation programs and wind power projects in developing nations.

Supply Chain & Regenerative Farming

Our glass is made from 35% recycled material, and we are actively expanding alternative packaging offerings including cans, Bag-In-Box and kegged offerings. We also look beyond the winery to our farm partners, working with grape growers to convert to organic farming practices. To date, scores of our farm partners have converted to organic farming, helping grow climate-smart regeneratively farmed acreage in California. Funding research highlighting the climate benefits of regenerative farming encourages still others to adopt regenerative agriculture, recognized for its value in the fight against climate change.

Workers & Community

Our purposeful approach extends to people and communities, with a goal to enhance the lives of those we work with, and the places where we work. We pay everyone at Bonterra a living wage, and offer a variety of programs that promote quality of life, education and continuous improvement, including free English as a second language (ESL) courses and financial literacy programs. As a Certified B Corporation, we are committed to supporting our community, with programs including community garden support, educational initiatives and direct relief to frontline workers during crises.

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