Episode 16: Turning Farmers Market Veggies Into Portable Feasts

I first fell in love with frittatas in Italy. I’d grown up with my Mom making “frittatas,” but really that just meant whatever was in the fridge thrown into an omelet. In Italy, though, I was introduced to the savory, custardy frittatas filled to bursting with any kind of seasonal vegetable and served at room temperature, which makes them terrific pack-and-go fare.

They’re hands down my favorite picnic food, and I love serving them with a crisp butter lettuce salad with Go-To Vinaigrette. I just cut the frittata into wedges on a cutting board and wrap the whole thing with a dish towel or foil. Then I clean, dry and pack the lettuce in a Ziploc bag and make the vinaigrette in a tight-sealing mason jar.

Then pack it all up with a picnic blanket, plates and flatware, and, of course, a bottle of wine and glasses!

For my favorite picnic gear, check out our Go Gear Guide Infographic. And don’t miss the recipe for the Zucchini and Red Pepper Frittata!

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